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I May be a Bad Blogger, but I Still Eat!

January 12, 2010

This has been my snack of choice for quite some time: flat bread, hummus, and carrots:

I made a huge pot of low – cost “southwestern” soup,and I’m hoping this will save me money this year. It’s more of a chowder really,but one bowl fills me up completely. I made homemade whole wheat chapati dumplings,which might have helped:
if you'd like the recipe, just ask!PS. Might be headed to Germany next year, all year!

PSS. Becoming a trainer at my job next week! Yay for promotions!

wordpress hates me.

December 15, 2009

anyone else?

Best HUGH JASS so far!

December 7, 2009

Can’t see myself getting a huge ass while eating these babies!

lentils, whole avocado, balsamic, olive oil and romaine amazingness:

the balsamic provided great "lemon-like flavour" LOVE!

Also took my first crack at this coconut oil for a lentil dinner last night: (lentils, coconut oil, and garlic herb laughing cow):

hmm....that's uninteresting~fiber Wasa to the rescue

Glorious Food Day

December 6, 2009

Some days, all the cards land in my hand and my food is just as healthy as it is tasty and beautiful. Brekkie was a beyond amazing banana walnut oatmeal.



Then a few hours later (AKA now) I had–am having–a HUGH JASS salad: whole avocado, romaine, and my own dressing made of mince garlic,balsamic and olive oil.

love this pic, check out the size!

P.S. Any one recommend any humungo salad bowls? All my bowls are really too small for my Hugh Jass salads. I feel a daily occurrence coming on!

Underappreciation Salad

December 5, 2009
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I have the most greedy, pompous boss in the world. He sure knows how to kick a persons self-esteem down a notch. Good thing there’s a Harry Potter marathon on ABC complete with extra behind the scenes stuff. Feeling a little better already, plus this salad: fiber wasa cracker, romaine, balsamic, EVOO and relish.


December 1, 2009

Made a batch of green tea kombucha and ate one of these:

more grape and date than anything.


November 29, 2009

Came back from a lovely Thanksgiving to see two fully(well, er, idk if they really are) SCOBY’S!!! So-freaking-happy! Cannot wait to make some homemade kombucha! Pics later cuz my camera died!

this one is still quite thin and bubbly, but you ain't seen nothing yet...
this one is still quite thin and bubbly, but you ain’t seen nothing yet…
wowowowwow! this baby's huge!!!

woowowowowowowo! This baby's huge!!

I intend to start my first kombucha tea tomorrow now that I  have at least one fully formed scoby.

P.S. Currently doing an olive oil treatment on my curly cues, to whip them back into curly and shiny shape! They were getting a little wild and lackluster for a moment there…. What are some “beauty treats” y’all like to do when you finally have a moment?


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